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Maiden Update from Skipper Sharon Ferris-Choat!

Skipper Sharon at the helm, a dark and gloomy sea behind her with small waves

29th March 2022

N38 05.894
W 0 04.462
TWS 17.7 knots
TWD 020

After leaving Palma late yesterday afternoon, we got the sails up in the last light to then find huge med waves and winds up to 40 knots! Blasting downwind with reduced sail. A bit of a rude first night for everyone…

Lots of fishing boats and squalls to manage. Heather was on fire leading the way with reefing and sail changes while Erica and Ami lead their areas with great experience.

I hit the top speed of 15.7 knots down a wave, a few of the girls got close to the top speed too! Right now the wind has gone from the east to a northerly and we are expecting it to die off and go in the west.

We are working through a few boat issues and are watching the weather closely in Gibraltar as it looks rough and windy, so we will probably take a short stop to check the boat over and avoid the 40 knot winds ahead of us.