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The wind is back!

Good morning and good weekend all. Friday was a rather slow motoring day staying on course to the next waypoint. 

At 3 on Saturday morning, the wind had picked up to 8 knots for long enough to give us hope that we could sail. So we put the mainsail up but by the time the J2 jib was ready to be hoisted the wind dropped back down to 4 knots and staying at a much further south direction than expected (between 155 and 145). 

So the jib stayed down and we motorsailed with the instructions to keep the boat speed at over 6 knots whatever the course. 

We have an appointment with King Neptune on Sunday we would like to keep in daytime‚Ķ And being still in the 22W I thought it would be acceptable to bear away a little off course to get the boat moving. 

Finally on Saturday morning, the wind speed has come up to 10 knots + and at 8:00 we put the jib up and we are currently very happy to be sailing at a reasonable speed around 7 knots.