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A busy first day in Sydney for the Maiden crew!

“We all can make a difference through our community, in making our world and society inclusive, breaking through barriers, and not creating them.” – Yvonne Weldon

Yvonne Weldon is on the right of the photo. She is holding papers, wearing a shirt with Traditional Aboriginal art on it, and laughing. Behind her, slightly blurred, four Maiden crew are listening, including our first male guest crew member.
Yvonne Weldon speaking to the Maiden crew in the Welcome To Country ceremony

In an official ceremony today, Maiden and the crew received an inspiring welcome to Sydney by Yvonne Weldon, an Aboriginal custodian of the land from the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council. It is a sign of respect to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land and the Maiden crew were honoured to welcome Yvonne aboard Maiden, and to be welcomed in return with Yvonne’s heartfelt words.

Yvonne Weldon stands centre frame. Behind her, all also standing on the boat, are the Maiden crew. Wendy Tuck is on the far left.
Yvonne with Wendy Tuck and the Maiden Crew

A very special school visit happened today down at CYCA on Maiden! Wendy was delighted to welcome students from her old school, Plumpton High, who attended the ‘Welcome To Country’ ceremony and met the crew of Maiden.

Yvonne stands on the right of the photo, in Maiden's helm, behind the wheel. Behind her stands Wendy Tuck. Erica Lush, another crew member pops her head round to Yvonne's right. On the dock behind, four students stand looking smart in red blazers, with teachers either side of them. In the background is the ocean and boats.

The students explored the boat and had guided tours with the crew on deck and down below, before jumping back onto dry land to add their handprints to the Maiden ‘Hands Around the World’ sail.

Crew member Erica Lush draws around a male student's hand onto Maiden's sail. He is looking at the camera and smiling. Erica is using an orange pen.

Wendy also joined in, adding her handprints in amongst the students.

Wendy Tuck is centre frame, with Erica Lush drawing around her hands in an orange pen. Wendy is sitting in the middle of the handprints and smiling, wearing sunglasses.

A big thank you to all the teachers and students that came down today and for your support and enthusiasm!