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Maiden is a Global Ambassador for the Empowerment of Girls through Education

A year on Maiden – a blog by Belinda Henry

One year has passed since the day I set sail on Maiden for our first leg of the world tour…

Just before leaving on the world tour, we had a great brunch reception at The Royal Southern yacht club in Hamble, UK, with all our family and friends and local supporters. It was a typical wet and cold British day!

That first day is one I will never forget. It was horrendous conditions, with 45kn headwinds and a medium sea state. Maiden was slamming along with a storm sail, 3 reefed main, and the majority of her crew were vomiting.  Night fell and our first cooked meal was chili with a baked potato. If someone managed to eat it…. it didn’t stay down for long! I think I managed 2 mouthfuls and resorted to dry crackers.

So after that first terrible 24 hours, it wasn’t enough to make me quit! 24,630 miles later I am still sleeping in the same bunk that I have made my home.


Over the past year, Maiden has taken me on an incredible journey, filling me with love and gratitude from the wonderful people I have met, and the adventures thus far I have endured.

She has given me many stories to tell…

Belle illustrates Maiden’s position relevant to the equator ©THE MAIDEN FACTOR/AMALIA INFANTE

So that’s one year done! As I lay in my bunk I call home, I have set sail again on to another year of Maiden’s world tour, with our mission of female empowerment and girls’ education.


Next stop Antigua!