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Maiden Voices

Supporting The Maiden Factor project the Voices are a group of inspiring influencers from around around the world; coming together with the common goal of generating awareness of the importance of girls’ education and championing solutions to enable access to education for girls currently denied this human right.

“When someone offers a great idea for girls, I’m all in. Tracy and the Maiden Factor Voices are offering up brilliant ideas so I am behind it all.”

“I am absolutely delighted to become a Maiden Voice and to support The Maiden Factor Foundation in their work with communities around the world, enabling girls into education and empowering and supporting them to remain throughout their teenage years. It is only with equality in education that we will have equality in life. The work is vital, especially now, when studies show that, after this crises, the groups least likely to return to education are vulnerable girls and girls in poverty.”

“I am very proud and honored to become a Maiden Factor Voice. I know what it takes to break down barriers and inequalities; we share a common goal of believing that we can make a difference to girls’ lives through education. I am looking forward to working with The Maiden Factor and the other Voices to share Maiden’s mission and aims as widely as possible to empower women and girls globally.”

“Everyone has their own journey and I believe with faith and hope that the right people are placed along the way to help complete the missing pieces of the puzzle to enable you to reach your potential. I was blown away when Tracy asked me to become a ‘Voice’ for The Maiden Factor and girls’ education. I know what it is like to be given a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am now able to use my experiences to help other achieve their dreams.”

“I am delighted to have been asked by Tracy to become a Maiden Factor Voice and to join this amazing group of people. I was inspired by Maiden’s story and how it is now showing girls who they can be and empowering them to believe they can get there.”

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