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Dakar, here we come!

Forecast is a test! Downwind teaser to take the South option for upwind sailing to Dakar. There’s 33 knots of wind and 2.5 – 3m waves on the northern side that we are avoiding this side, but the wind is from 16 – 33 knots (depending how it comes off the mountains). Waves are only 1m.

Average is 20 knots of wind which is nice, with a decreasing wind and waves in the forecast. We started with 3 reefs and a staysail, and then went to the storm jib when we changed to a close hauled course. We have 5 (including Mindelo) Cape Verde Islands to pass (47nm) to our next way point, then we head to the north of Boavista. From there it east to Point Bernard – Dakar 456nm!

It’s warm and wet upstairs, we are in our watches and getting ready for sunset. Driving and trimming while looking for lobster pots and boats.
Thank you Mindelo, it was a pleasure to discover you finally after racing past you so many times!