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Danae’s first offshore experience!

Finally the day arrived to depart Seattle. I was excited to be going for my first offshore experience!

A headshot of Danae standing on Maiden, smiling at the camera
Danae Hollowed onboard Maiden and raring to go! ©THE MAIDEN FACTOR/KAIA BINT SAVAGE

After a moving speech by the skipper of the “Sail like a Girl” team, Jeanne Goussev, and songs from Voices Northwest Chorus (Snohomish County’s all women a cappella chorus) we were off!

Jeanne stands in front of the choir who are in red blue and white. Jeanne reads from a piece of paper, smiling, holding a microphone.
Jeanne Goussev, Sail Like A Girl, gave a rousing and inspiring speech about overcoming adversity, equality and the passion for sailing. Jeanne captained a women’s sailing team that included previous Maiden skipper Nikki Henderson, and won the Race to Alaska in 2018 – a 750 mile, unsupported race to Ketchikan. Her team was the first women’s team to win the race!
The choir sing with Wendy Tuck on the far left of the image watching on.
Voices Northwest Chorus is Snohomish County’s all women a cappella chorus.  They are a group of fun, talented women committed to personal growth and camaraderie!  They have a
wonderful mix of women with all levels of musical knowledge and barbershop experience; and represent varied life backgrounds, talents, skills, and goals. They are part of the Sweet Adelines International non-profit organization.  They compete regionally and have placed in the top three of their division the last three years.

Motoring away in the bright sunshine with the Seattle Skyline behind us – beautiful! “Sail Like a Girl” and several other boats escorted us for a while then waved good bye. 

The Maiden crew punch the air as they sail away from the harbour
And they’re ready to go! ©THE MAIDEN FACTOR/KAIA BINT SAVAGE

We were on a tight schedule to get to San Francisco by Monday evening, so we needed to motor any time there wasn’t enough wind to maintain an average of 7.5 knots. 

A shot of the back of Maiden. One sailor is at the helm, one sits in the front and centre of the image, one sits at the very back and one looks overboard
Danae takes to the helm as they motor away! ©THE MAIDEN FACTOR/AMALIA INFANTE

Despite the schedule skipper Wendy agreed to a quick stop in Port Townsend after folks from town expressed such a strong interest. Wow! The welcome in Port Townsend was amazing! Boats began welcoming us half an hour out.

Crowds line the dock at Port Townsend
And the queue gets longer and longer… ©JAN DAVIS

Someone delivered a pizza to us, motoring alongside!

Waving to the pizza delivery boat from onboard Maiden
FROM WENDY TUCK: This is the vessel ‘Raven’. When i had my knock down in the Clipper race in 2016 and I was injured, another crew member was also injured so we had to pull out of that race as we had some damage on the boat too. These guys meet us and gave us pizza, bagels, and fresh fruit! Then on the last race they came out and said hello as we went past Port Townsend. This time, they escorted us in, after giving us a pizza! It was rough last night in Juan de Fuca strait that pizza became our easy dinner. ©THE MAIDEN FACTOR/AMALIA INFANTE

By the time we got to dock we had a full flotilla of sailboats, motor boats, kayaks, paddle boats, and the beautiful old ship “Adventuress” name.

Maiden with the Adventuress behind
The beautiful ship Adventuress sails alongside Maiden ©JAN DAVIS

As the dock came into view we saw throngs of people covering the dock and shore; everyone cheering! So much love for Maiden!

A view from ashore as people queue to welcome Maiden in
Over 1200 people welcomed Maiden in! ©JAN DAVIS

After short speeches, everyone lined up and toured the boat. We managed to get everyone through in our allowed 2 hours stop.

Amalia bends down to speak to a young sailor onboard Maiden
Amalia chats to the next generation of sailors – one day they’ll be skippering Maiden! ©JAN DAVIS
A young girl smiles in glee with Wendy Tuck and Courtney Koos next to her
Big smiles all together! #MaidenInspires ©JAN DAVIS

Then we reluctantly waved good-bye, wishing we could stay longer. On board was a lovely galley full of all the gifts fresh, locally grown fruit and bread and the best smoked salmon. 

A lady waves to Maiden in the distance
Waving goodbye to Maiden as she sails into the distance…. ©JAN DAVIS

Off to the Straits of Juan de Fuca!

Maiden sailing with a blue sky behind

Main up 3rd reef and the chop and swells began. It was a long rolly (rough enough to make a ship or boat roll) night but the full moon was awesome.

A grey foggy morning with the sun behind the clouds. Two crew members are on deck
The sun begins to set on a foggy evening… ©THE MAIDEN FACTOR/AMALIA INFANTE

It came up behind the boat glowing red then rose around the boat to a bright light sparkling on the water. With the stars overhead, we made it to the Pacific Ocean and turned South. We are on our way!

Danae holds the wheel, gripping it tightly. The sky behind is grey and cloudy
From no offshore experience to guiding the boat – Danae is a legend! ©THE MAIDEN FACTOR/AMALIA INFANTE

– Danae Hollowed

Danae Hollowed, 59, is from Seattle, Washington. After falling in love with sailing during a class at University, Danae looked for every opportunity to grow in the sport – racing dinghies, keelboats and eventually skippering her own cruising boat. When her two children were young, she certified as a sailing instructor and worked for a short time at a kids’ camp. Life got busy and after a lengthy break from sailing, Danae joined a local club, completed a two-year keelboat skipper training, and has recently started keelboat racing again in Puget Sound. She is excited to be back on the water! Danae uses her Master’s degree in Business Administration to manage and strengthen finance systems, most recently in the field of Global Health where she travelled extensively with the mission of building health care programs in resource challenged countries. Danae is inspired by the story of Maiden’s crew. When she started racing in the 1980’s she often heard “girls are bad luck on a boat”. She wants to help build women’s confidence in pursuing adventure and to share the love of sailing. Danae is excited to guest crew as a way to improve her sailing skills and to share the experience with an amazing group of women.