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Maiden is a Global Ambassador for the Empowerment of Girls through Education

Day 1 – Mindelo to Dakar

By Sharon Ferris-Choat

We have just tacked in a 50m contour line that’s 3nm off Sal Rei on the Verde Island of Boa Vista, looks like another amazing place to explore but we all have a date in Dakar. We just need to do a clearing tack to get around the top of the Island and in 5nm we will tack back and sail north of the RL towards Dakar, we have the current pushing us south so we will still be on a tight lay to Dakar!

Ami, ready for wave action!

It’s a very different mode for us and we have Maiden cruising at 8 knots with a generous wind angle to help us over the swell and chop. Last night was rough and tough for some of the girls fighting with seasickness. They all battled through it and are feeling better today.

We have flying fish and a little slice of the Moon who appeared an hour before day brake. The new mainsail from Newport has helped with upwind performance that’s for sure.

Everyone has been driving well and Maiden feels better than I remembered in the Gulf last month so we must be all improving! Tack time, more tomorrow!

Sarah, Bianca and Jenna after the 1st tack.

So now time for that tack and then a sleep for me, while Hadley, Bianca, Heather and Sarah are on watch enjoying the views and the sun. Jenna has just gone to sleep and Ami and lungi will be up soon. Followed by Molly and I.