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Day 11 – Maiden Update – Sharon Ferris-Choat

22° 36. 825N
21° 44. 462W
TWD 032° to 089°
TWS 5 to 15.4 knots
COG 213°
Boat Speed 5 to 12.5 knots
Current boat time 14:46
Sea state: slight

Amalia just became a Godmother for the second time last night and we wish  congratulations to Mum and baby Angelita! ❤️

A beautiful afternoon got a bit gummy when we tried twice to get the A2 up. First time, a small rip in the foot that we could fix with sticky back sail repair tape, the next host was a large tear along the foot. Sometimes that happens in sailing and in life, you get a setback, but, you fix it, you try again… and no the A2 definitely did not want to go up. We put her away for a sewing machine repair when it was light in the morning and dry. 

Heather going solo!

So at first light, Marie (now in charge of the sails) and I began a 2 hour unpick and stick back together in a small space. Then we sewed the tapes back on. Thankfully, Marie has learnt about the sewing machine while we were in Almerimar, so she was fully on it! Heather and Amalia sailed her for the watch while we were downstairs.

2 hours later the A2 is up and pulling us south. We won that battle! 

Marie and her repairs!

Every time we tried to get west in the wind shifts last night the wind slowly disappeared and we had to gybe back heading south to more wind. 

Ami is doing a great job trying to get south with a sneaky bit of west when she can. Lucy had a great drive as well, it’s super nice to be asked to coach while they absorb the information and put it to practice at the same time. We see increased boat speed, and, most importantly, confidence grow with time on the wheel in a testing Sea state.  

Erica has been a busy first mate, getting her job lists ticked off. April charges along backing everyone up with her beautiful smile and always a quick cheeky fun comment. 

All the models have the wind moving to the north at 1800, and that means gybe time for us! Let’s hope they are right, it would be nice to head west towards Miami.

Maiden’s recorded wind last night