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Day 11 – Henriette is now testing waterproof socks!

Day 11

UTC 1130
38° 51′.822N
30° 58′. 423W

Last 24 hours
TWS 14 – 48 knot’s
TWD 289° – 027°

As you can see we have been having a lot of squalls with rain and some fantastic, massive waves.

One wasn’t so fantastic as it found the back hatch this morning and put some of the wave down the hatch and in to the wet weather gear locker and bilge. Hadley and Heather have both been working on it and poor Henriette, had a swimming boot that was full of water. She’s now testing the water proof socks too!

Sea State 4-6m – yes we got that 20 foot forecast and more.

Sarah and Heather cruising with the storm jib in a calm patch, that grey cloud behind us was 47 knot’s building up.

Just before all the squalls started we dropped the main completely from 3 reefs, giving us the storm jib to steer with. Our problem is the sea state is that the waves are so big and from 3 different angles, that we get caught in the middle. Maiden has been knocked over a few times, it’s dangerous downstairs for everyone and everything! You must hang on at all times.

My bunk is opposite the galley, and getting up this morning I was meet with flying frozen soup and a bowl. I didn’t know what to do, as letting go of my grip to catch them wasn’t an option, so they just landed on the nav seat at my feet.

Henriette driving with Ami calling the waves and Molly the wind strength! Team work!

Ami, Molly, Henriette and I changed from the storm jib to the staysail for some more power. That helped! I am monitoring the weather and in another 2 hours or so the squalls are over, they are already less aggressive as before, then we can put the suitable sails back up and complete the remaining 120nm to Horta, a Coastal Classic to go!

Ami’s quote of the day “We are sailing beer arsed instead of beer headed”!!