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Maiden is a Global Ambassador for the Empowerment of Girls through Education

Day 12 – Maiden Update – Sharon Ferris-Choat

20° 40.829N
24° 24.395W
TWS 1O.8 to 18.4 knots
TWD 039° to 067°
COG 264°
Course to waypoint 240°
Boat Speed 9.4
Sea state slight

A true test of our progress on Maiden as a team meant we kept the A2 up all night, making great gains to our waypoint. It came down after a 21 knots gust in the black of night as the moon left, making it impossible to see the curl of the sail – and it’s not far away, it’s just so dark! 

This morning the A2 went back up as soon as we could, and we are cruising as fast as possible SW. We still need to get another degree south, we are working on it! 

Today was a big day as I finally had a sponge down and a change of clothes, feels and smells like heaven! …not only for me also for those around me I am sure. No, my girls at home, don’t do as I do about shower time please, do as I say! 

There are a few sore hands going on, with some not so bad and some one handed while we all dry out from the first wet and cold first week. Now they are hot and dry, with salt crystals all over Maiden’s deck acting like sandpaper. We have lotions, so we will keep on applying! So from a downwind, beautiful sailing Maiden, I say goodnight as I get a few hours sleep! Erica, Lucy, April are on deck, with Ami carrying out generator checks and servicing. Heather and Marie are fast asleep, which is needed, as their watches alway end up the most intense. Amalia is doing her photo compressing on her off watch – our Pocket Rocket never stops!