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Maiden is a Global Ambassador for the Empowerment of Girls through Education

Day 14 – Maiden Update – Sharon Ferris-Choat

19° 22.041N
31° 43.302W
TWS 87° range in the last hour 073° to 107°
TWS 16.5 range in the last hour 12.5 to 18.9 knots
COG 296°
Boat Speed 10.3 on a 2.5m NW swell or 8.8 knots in the trough

We are playing Bingo with the wind and then we move to Darts! The trade winds are really struggling, resulting in confused wind direction, and speed with swells going across the bow rather than pushing from behind. 

Amalia has just cooked an exceptional lunch with fried eggs (yes we are getting through the 360 eggs that were provisioned!). We are all seeking protein to help our muscles recover and get stronger. 

I reckon I am one of the best fisher person in the world! Last night I caught a flying fish in my hat after a dramatic dance that left me in giggles – and my fish in shock. Our Pocket Rocket Amalia came to the rescue once again and poured the fish out of my hat back into the ocean. And even cleaned my hat – what service! 

Yesterday, after Maiden became very difficult to helm with the 20 knots of wind and a very confused sea state, she just dug in the waves and loaded up everything, so we did a very slick drop. Once down we found damage to the tack line that Erica end for ended, so we put on a new cover and an eye splice. Heather and Marie put it back on and tested it. It worked like a charm! Our A2 is happy, back up in a much better sea state now with these huge rolling swells that rock those downstairs to sleep. 

It was also a great chance to get Amalia, April and Lucy doing some extra driving in the dark downwind in big swells as that’s always the experience that’s missing in female yachting.

So, from a surfing Maiden with girls finally getting some quality sleep in the improved sea state from last night, we wish you all a great day!