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Day 2 – ‘We have found the wind!’

By Sharon Ferris-Choat

We have found the wind! It’s a line from North to South, and for the last 4 hours we have been averaging 10 knots of boat speed.

With that came waves and chop. It was a rude shock to some and with a sudden overpowering moment that got everyone off watch and out of their bunks.

“Busy Molly, finds it hard to sit still, always wanting to help out, trim, drive and her favourite doing the log!”

Henriette has had fun driving in the waves and getting me back for putting a wave over her – she got a few back! Ami is winning her battle with a sore throat. Heather just made a yummy lunch after doing almost every sail change possible on her and Sarah’s watch.

Main and Jib top up, 1st reef in the main, Headsail change from Jib top to Our smaller upwind jib J3, then a second reef! We are getting closer to the Gulf stream and it is incredible how it influences the wind – last night in the space of 45 mins, the sea temperature went from 18°C to 23° and the depth went from 61m to over 300m near Georges Canyon. The temperature increase was significant and now, 12 hours later, it has done the opposite.

The contrast in the air temperature is huge! The weather is a interesting game at the moment and I am loving the challenge to sail the smartest route for Maiden and our team.

“It has been fun, it’s been challenging, it’s been absolutely fantastic at night with the stars out. The team is teaching me alot and I want to learn!” – From Henriette