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Day 21 – Maiden Update – Sharon Ferris-Choat

24° 34.901N
56° 49.965W
COG 328°
Boat Speed 8.9 knots
Bearing to the Bahamas 293°
Distance 1065nm as at 13:19 UTC

185nm in the last 24 hours towards waypoint. That doesn’t really included a gybe west of 80nm to stay in more wind. The gybe was not only encouraged by the wind shift, but a dark huge cloud of no wind and rain. 

Lucy was so disappointed that we missed most of the rain as she had her shampoo in her pocket and was ready to take a shower opportunity. She had a very sad face when it was 360° of heavy rain all around us only 100m away… and we only got a few spits.

Heather, Marie, April and Erica witnessed the most amazing display of stars I have ever seen. It was as if we were looking through a telescope! The moon hadn’t got up yet and the star display was just spectacular.

Fuel mission this morning was a full team effort. Heather and Marie started by getting to the dreaded Lazarette to get the fuel cans and got 6 out. Then, Ami started refuelling while I drove downwind with reduced sail at 8-12 knots down waves. Lucy and Amailia got the remaining 8 out and then the repack began with emptied fuel cans, rubbish, crew bags, fenders, cleaning supplies, etc

4 hours later, April came up to take over the driving, and I disappeared out of the sun to my bunk for 2 hours sleep. Now I am very happy to be downloading weather for the first time in 4 days!