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Day 25 – Maiden Update – Sharon Ferris-Choat

69° 18.135W
COG 305°
Boat Speed 10.4
Downwind VMG running for the 22 day in a row. 

The A2 has been up for over 24 hour’s with good average speeds of 9.5 knots. with a 24 hour run of 200.4nm.

The Bahamas is 385.4nm away and signs of humanity are closer than ever… with more plastic rubbish floating past also fishing nets and buckets. And planes!

Last night was one of the most beautiful nights sailing that I have ever had. Warm enough to wear just shorts and a light jacket. The stars glowing to show us the folding curve on the A2 and the waves. All the different constellations on display, with the planets Venus, Satan, Jupiter and Mars all lined up behind us sending us west. There were shooting stars all over the place, enough to make a wish for everyone I know. 

Our boat time is 2pm, but the sun has only been up for a few hours. Another beautiful day on the horizon with lots of bucket showers and good speed making it a happy boat.