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Maiden is a Global Ambassador for the Empowerment of Girls through Education

Day 5 – Dad, we caught a fish!

By Sharon Ferris-Choat

You did it! Thank you for your help in getting Maiden back onto a reach! We have huge waves from the East that are slowing us down but they are adding to the adventure. It’s like climbing a mountain to get over the face of the wave and then a fast slide with sometimes a crash at the bottom of the wave.

The fish itself!

Dad we caught a fish! Yep, Maiden caught herself a fish over the bow. I think it’s a piper of some sort. We have flying fish, dolphins and a shark to keep us company, no ship sightings for a few days now.

We have a front playing with us at the moment and we need to navigate through a tunnel of wind that’s not very wide over the next few days. Then, once it passes we are in a northerly and our warm weather Atlantic crossing is going to change temperature quite a bit! Sea temperature still 23.2° at the moment.

On Hadley’s deck walk this morning she saw the vang pin was coming out and she’s repaired that again. Ami has just finished charging the batteries, Molly is driving with Lungi trimming and Heather, Sarah and Henriette are trying to sleep. We have all just enjoyed a roasted pumpkin soup made by Leland Holmes, it was super yummy! Thank you!

Until tomorrow!