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Day 7 – Sunburn in October?

By Sharon Ferris-Choat

We have the A3 big white sail up with our DP World log flying high in the sun! We are all so hot and getting sunburned… this is supposed to be the north Atlantic in the middle of October, and last week it was only 2°!

Lungi driving with Heather trimming A3, Hadley on the mainsail and Sarah waiting to drive next!
Molly fixing the back winding winch

Henriette and I have just had a super busy watch with A3 down that we saw for the first time this morning as soon as the sun came up. The wind and waves increased to make driving hard, so the Jib top replaced the A3, 2 gybes, A3 packed, Jib top down again the A3 back up now after the wind and sea state dropped again. Molly now fixing a winch that back winded on us, and we will drop this A3 just before it gets dark as we are going to need to gybe tonight, according to the wind models from Predictwind and Commanders.

We are all very happy to replace our forcast of cold, windy and rough for a few sail changes and sunshine at a good speed generally in the right direction! It’s crazy hot today, water temperature very high too, we will enjoy it while it lasts! We have a special birthday party tomorrow and we are looking forward to celebrating with our birthday girl! Have a great day everyone!