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My time at #EXPO2020 – by Junella King

It’s hard to say which pavilion is my favourite because all of them give me a different and unique experience that I will never forget. It allowed me to accept and appreciate each one of their cultures and gave me the opportunity to understand some of their history. 

Of course, time limitations meant I was unable to go in all the pavilions; they were so many and each one was huge, full of entertainment and knowledge. The Egyptian pavilion was surrounded by so much art and detailed sculptures which give me the energy of ancient times. Meanwhile Australia makes me feel spiritually incline with nature and its abundance of wildlife.

Jamaica gives me a taste of home because it’s the Caribbean, so much positive vibration as I walk through the doors, it welcomed me with its Reggae music, wonderful colours, and the amazing Jamaican people which I couldn’t get enough of. Tasting the famous Jamaican Black coffee and even a gift of a candle from a new friend was extraordinary and very appreciated.

The DP World pavilion was very impressive, showcasing their work and history over the years. They had live performances and a wonderful waterfall show which was very entertaining, and highlighted their impressive technology. Their team explained the background of their operations, and how they work on the empowerment of women working in stereotypically male dominated positions in the company. It was great to see how DP World not only impacts the UAE, but also the whole world, trying to make it a better place and a welcoming future for us all.

I have to say that #Expo2020 gave me the opportunity to absorb different nationalities and made me feel like I was there in these counties for a moment. I am beyond grateful.

Junella King is a 21 year old sailor. She started sailing when she was 15 years old at the National Sailing Academy Antigua. In 2016 she became a qualified RYA dingy sailing instructor. Besides being a Yachtswoman, she also was the alternate for the Team Antigua Island girl rowing team in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge 2018. By 2019 Junella had obtained her Day Skipper license on the Isle of white in the UK.

Junella was then given a very well-deserved place, racing in Newport on IC37 a one design class by Melges.  She then successfully participated in the Stars Sailing League on RC47 in Switzerland.