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Maiden is a Global Ambassador for the Empowerment of Girls through Education

Maiden arrives in Honolulu, Hawaii!

Legendary yacht Maiden sailed into the Hawaii Yacht Club, on the fourth stopover of a worldwide tour to raise awareness and funds for girls’ education around the globe. 

Maiden sails in on a blue calm water with a bright blue sky. Palm trees are behind
Photo taken for The Maiden Factor by Mack Edwards Mair at Honolulu stopover

Co-Skipper Sharon Ferris-Choat reported: “We just literally surfed into Honolulu- we came in on surfing wave into the harbour after 22 days from Auckland! What a fantastic trip and welcome.”

Wendy Tuck at Maiden's helm, hair windswept and smile large. There's a hill in the distance and a blue blue sea.
Photo of Wendy Tuck from Sharon Ferris-Choat
Wow! Surfers skate over large waves as the spray shines in the air. Behind, the grey city juxtaposes the bright blue ocean.
Wow! Waves in front of the city. A lovely sight coming into Hawaii. Photo: Sharon Ferris-Choat

It was wonderful to see Maiden and the crew being escorted into Hawaii by a group of young sailors. After they had docked, they were honoured to be presented with traditional leis by young members of the Hawaii Yacht Club!

All smiles and leis, with youngsters from the Hawaii yacht club. The Maiden crew stand on deck with a bright blue sky backdrop.
Photo taken for The Maiden Factor by Mack Edwards Mair at Honolulu stopover

Maiden is being hosted at the HYC in Honolulu until 11 July 2019. This is when the crew are set to depart on the next 2761 nautical mile leg for Vancouver, Canada. 

The skippers and crew are looking forward to a host of exciting activities on this stopover! Activities include a 4th of July BBQ and fireworks at the yacht club to meeting local sailors and athletes. For your chance to come and meet the crew, tour the boat and see videos of the tour so far, Sunday the 7th will be an Open Day at HYC (1100-1500hrs).

All smiles as Maiden sailors sit on deck, under the charity logos on the boom.
MaidenPhoto taken for The Maiden Factor by Mack Edwards Mair at Honolulu stopover

Are you in Hawaii and wanting to watch the new Maiden film? It will be on general release at the Consolidated Theatres Kahala 8 from 12 July 2019!

We’ll be sharing more event details on our Facebook page soon, so keep an eye out to learn more. If you’re in Hawaii, we’d love you to come and say hi!