The Maiden Factor
Maiden carried the first all-female crew to sail around the world when Tracy Edwards MBE skippered her in the 1989/90 Whitbread Round the World Race
Despite fierce opposition, sexism and criticism, Tracy and her team not only reached the start and raced around the world, they won two of the toughest legs and came second overall
The man who believed in Maiden when no-one else did, was HM King Hussein of Jordan and he funded the project through Royal Jordanian Airlines
Maiden was sold at the end of the race and whilst Tracy went onto run further all-female crews, Maiden deteriorated and was eventually dumped in the Seychelles
Tracy found Maiden in 2015 and raised the funds to buy back her iconic yacht and ship her back to the UK where HRH Princess Haya bint Al Hussein graciously funded the complete restoration, in honour of her father King Hussein of Jordan
Maiden set sail in November 2018 on a three-year, 90,000 mile world tour covering over 40 stops in over 20 countries
Maiden has a new mission - to highlight and create awareness of the 130 million girls worldwide who currently are not afforded an education and raising funds for charities currently facilitating that basic human right
Partnering with the UN NGO, PCI Media, Maiden will be challenging social norms and through the presence of the boat and our massive global reach, we will be changing the narrative around what girls can achieve
We aim to increase our already significant impact by reaching millions of girls and their families and communities in countries around the world in order to reshape what we think of girls and how we value them
At each stopover Maiden engages with the local communities. The Team;
Give presentations at schools and yacht clubs
Host screenings of the film Maiden with Q&A
Facilitate and host ‘Open Days’ on the boat
Take media and young people sailing
Fundraise for The Maiden Factor Foundation
Work with young people to understand and challenge social norms
Facilitate our Message of Hope
Invite young people to put their hand prints on one of Maiden’s sails
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