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Maiden is a Global Ambassador for the Empowerment of Girls through Education

Maiden is out of the water

On Thursday 16th February, Maiden was removed from Eden Island Marina and motored round to Taylor Smith Shipyard.  The mast was removedGetting reeady to take the mast out Feb 17 Maiden alongside Feb 17 Maiden mast out Feb 17

and then she was placed in the lifting bay.  I have to say she looks a little forlorn and lonely here….. but not for long!

Maiden ready for pick up Feb 17

The straps were placed beneath her hull and she was lifted out of the water

Slings in place Feb 17

Starting the lift Feb 17

Maiden lift a Feb 17

Maiden lift b Feb 17

Maiden lift c Feb 17

The cradle, the base of which has already been constructed, will now be built up around her to keep her safe until her ‘ship in shining armour’ arrives to bring her home.  The ship will be leaving Ho Chi Minh around the 24th February, heading to the Seychelles.

Our man on the ground, Howard Gibbons, will be there for the loading with a film and news crew so we will have footage to show you.  As soon as she is loaded we will have a date for her arrival in Southampton.  It would be great to see lots of people there to welcome her in!