The Maiden Factor Blog

Maiden is a Global Ambassador for the Empowerment of Girls through Education

Maiden’s new skin

Maiden has now been in the shed for just over a month and boy has there been a lot going on.  The metal workers have been carefully cutting out the really bad areas of aluminium with extreme electrolysis.

Some panels have been restored but most are too damaged so new ones are being fixed in place and welded.


Work also continues on deck now that everything has been removed.  The damaged parts of the deck are being mended

and there is also some aluminium replacement here as well as some holes to be filled in!

The transom needs completely replacing as it was doing a passable impression of the Himalayas.

As work continues on the boat we also welcome our newest team member Alex Roberts who is our Events Manager.

So we are nearly a complete team now!

The restoration continues, Jo is completely up and running with the charity Maiden Education, Kaia is shooting some great videos and updating Social Media, I am working on logistics for the World Tour, Mack is uploading all the historical images to our, soon to be launched, Gallery, Alex is busy organising the re-launch in London and other up coming events and Libby is liaising with new partners for the World Tour.  So busy, busy, busy!

Filming for the two documentaries continues apace and it’s been such fun seeing the Maiden girls as they arrive in London for interviews.

The next stage for Maiden is the completion of her repairs and then Hamble Yacht Services can start putting her back together again.