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Motoring and Melting – Maiden Update!

A blog post by Amalia Infante

17.23.519N, 104.00.899
Boat speed 7.0 knots
True Wind Speed 4.6 knots
Motoring and melting…

After the calm came the wind.. not the storm yet but it is surrounding us! ©THE MAIDEN FACTOR/AMALIA INFANTE

Last night and this the morning, we’ve had to get through some squalls associated with the tropical storm called Raymond. The storm is heading away, but we will probably see some offshore thunderstorms.

The sky darkens, but we’re joined by a friend! ©THE MAIDEN FACTOR/AMALIA INFANTE

During the morning, we did have some rain. We reefed, tacked, tacked, and tacked, un/reefed… then we had calm again, forcing us to motor for 2 nautical miles. A great chance for training with the team and to get the first-week shower!

Hadley checking the reef lines in the mainsail ©THE MAIDEN FACTOR/AMALIA INFANTE

Since 7pm, the wind decreased so now we are motoring again. It’s starting to look like we can put our winter clothing away now. The temperature has begun to rise as we get further south and we are melting… even our t-shirts get really sticky. The word ice-cream is becoming the wish for everyone once we hit land!


In 143 nautic miles, we will be halfway to Panama and in 722nm, we will be halfway to Antigua!