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Blog from Vuyisile Jaca

As for our shifts, at first I’ve been struggling! I’m not used to sleep 4hours n be awake for 4hours but I’m getting used to it. First 2 days sailing I was sea sick, which took me by surprise cz I don’t usually get sick when sailing. The following day i was fine n eating.

Saw flying fish in flesh for the first time n it flew into the boat! It stuck on the deck n I had to rescue it back into the ocean but it was very slippery n it sticky. I tried to wash my hands n sanitized them but the smell was there for a long time! The dolphins has been coming for a visit during night watch n during the day false killer whales came to say hi. It really been good n amazing sailing and I’m learning everyday.

I am enjoying this ocean adventure!!♥️🌊

Vuyisile Jaca is a young woman from the townships of South Africa. Most township girls have no access to water sports, however Vuyi was lucky enough to be included in a school pilot program sailing with Sail Africa back in 2015. As soon as she set foot on the boat, she knew that this was what she wanted to do. When she first arrived, she could not swim, neither had she ever even seen a large body of water. Today through her association with Sail Africa she has learned to swim, completed a swim instructors’ course and taken over ensuring all the young sailors at Sail Africa are competent and safe in the water, has a recreational diving qualification and works part time in the summer as an underwater photographer for the local aquarium. In 2021 Vuyi completed the gruelling Vasco da Gama Ocean Race from Durban to Port Elizabeth along the infamous “Wild Coast” and earned her Day Skippers. She is on her way to becoming an accredited sailing instructor. Vuyi hasn’t had many opportunities in life and has not been able to pursue her dreams of studying to enter the maritime industry. She is excited to be joining the Maiden Factor believing that this will inspire other young township girls to get involved in maritime activities. She is also excited that the funds raised will be used for some lucky girl to receive an opportunity of a life time.