Maiden Update

Statement from Tracy Edwards MBE, Founder of The Maiden Factor

Monday 26 April 2021

It has certainly been a difficult, frustrating and stressful year for everyone with unknowns in every way possible.  Maiden was shipped home last summer and currently sits in her cradle safely in Hamble waiting to get going again.  Our small team has been working hard to keep the project going and raise funds for Maiden to set sail again; we have also spent the time looking at lessons learned during the first world tour.

As a result, in addition to the fundraising and engagement with schools, girls and communities at destinations, we will be increasing focus on encouraging girls all over the world into STEM subjects to increase life and career opportunities.  Working with a number of global organisations which promote and work towards actively recruiting women and girls in industries such as; maritime, bio-science, research, banking, computing, business and coding.

Fundraising continues and the aim is to start work on Maiden in May, to complete the maintenance required so that she can complete sea trials in August.  We hope to have Maiden in London in September with a view to starting a new three-year world tour from there.

The schedule and route has yet to be confirmed for obvious reasons but we plan to have a new Guest and Milebuilder Application process up and running in July.  If you are someone who was accepted during the previous tour and kindly said you would wait until the new tour to take up your place, you will of course be notified via email and given priority.  If you are someone who has emailed an enquiry then please watch our website from 1st July for more news.  If you are a yacht club or destination which we had to cancel last year, we will be emailing you over the next couple of months to liaise on new dates for Maiden’s visit.

Finally, thank you all so much for your patience, kindness, generosity and continued support.  We always knew that Maiden had the best supporters in the world and you have overwhelmingly proved it over the past year.  It has been tough going for everyone, we know, but we will prevail and Maiden will be back soon.

The Maiden Team would like to wish you all well, stay safe and see you soon!

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