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Port Almerimar

We’ve got that #FridayFeeling and so have the Maiden crew – after waiting for the weather to calm down, they’re hoping to set sail again very soon!

Sharon sent over this update video this morning of the sea state, as well as a summary of the rest of the crew’s afternoon yesterday in the text below.

Day 3

What has the Maiden crew been up to today? Lucy has sorted out the wet weather gear, dry and packed back in the locker all clean and tidy. Amalia, after cooking the best omelette ever, sourced Diesel so we are topped up and ready to go. April helped Heather with the winches, Lucy with the wet weather gear, time keeper for Erica up the mast, shopping for goodies and generally helping everyone. Busy lady!

Erica has coordinated the arrival of the boys to fix the vang, rig check and mast track repairs. Heather is on the winches and helping Erica. Ami is refuelling and doing engine checks. Marie did Lazarette yoga while getting the Jerry can’s out for refuelling, and has taken on the sewing machine to repair the top of the Jib Top. I’m talking too much and weather studies!