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Sal’s Ocean Globe Race Analysis: One Week In

Week 1 of the Ocean Globe Race, Leg 1 to Cape Town has been completed.
As the boats enter their second week at sea, they have had their first taste of heavy weather as an Atlantic Depression brought strong winds and a difficult sea state. An injury on board Triana has meant a Medivac is being arranged. A very stressful time for the skipper and crew.
The lead group came out well from the depression and are continuing South, now back in the North East Trade Winds. Maiden is holding on well to the other 3 bigger boats. Waterline length (WLL) is the biggest factor to determine how fast a displacement yacht can go and Maiden has the shortest WLL in that group.
To explain why: a boat creates a wave in front and behind, the length of that wave determines the speed of the boat. The same rule applies to competitive swimmers, hence most are tall. There are always exceptions, the “Terriers” who hang on as hard as they can, through skill and determination. Maiden is hanging on like a Terrier to her larger rivals!
The next challenge for the lead boats is navigating around the Canary Islands without falling into any wind shadows which can extend for many miles for from these high volcanic islands.
This could get tactical!
– Sally (Sal) Hunter was part of the original Maiden crew to sail around the world in the 89/90 Whitbread Race. Sal has joined the Maiden Shore Team for the duration of the Ocean Globe Race, tracking Maiden and keeping us updated with sailing analysis updates!