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Sal’s Ocean Globe Race Analysis: The Race Start

Sally (Sal) Hunter was part of the original Maiden crew to sail around the world in the 89/90 Whitbread Race. Sal has joined the Maiden Shore Team for the duration of the Ocean Globe Race, tracking Maiden and keeping us updated with sailing analysis updates! ⬇
On Sunday 10th September, 14 fully crewed boats set off on their Ocean Globe Race adventure.

All of the boats are sailing as a challenge.
For some, the challenge is something other than finishing first.
They all have their own reasons many and varied.
It became obvious over the first few hours that the ‘Flyer’ Class was well named.
It was 3 of the boats in that class that quickly showed that their intention, is to WIN. Having escaped the poor visibility and stressfully busy English Channel, the lead pack were quickly drag racing downwind across The Bay of Biscay and on down the Portuguese Coast.
Maiden is the smallest of the lead pack. In those conditions Waterline Length means speed, so with no opportunity for tactical sailing it has been down the crew of Maiden to concentrate on the trimming and helming to hang on to the bigger boats until tactical opportunities arise. All eyes will now be on their Barometers watching for a drop in pressure heralding the arrival of an Atlantic Depression.
The wind is going to back so things are going to get wetter for the crews while living at an angle. With luck and continued speed the Flyers at the front will be able to Reach through this without losing their course that they want to steer. The middle pack are going to have a harder time and will have to beat upwind seeing some changes in leads no doubt. The back markers will head out west to roll over the depression and avoid the worst of the weather.
About to get interesting, All change in the next day. – Sal