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Sharon Ferris-Choat – an update from Maiden’s co-skipper

Sailing on the legendary Maiden has been a dream come true. It is almost surreal that I am sailing on this amazingly resorted beauty with an incredible international crew.

Sharon Ferris-Choat is at Maiden's helm. She's wearing sunglasses, a lifejackets and her red jacket. The sky is blue but dramatic. Belle sits behind in blue, wearing a lifejacket, hat and sunglasses.

I love learning and every experience is one golden opportunity to offer personal advancement. The base sailing team of Wendo, Belle, Courtney, Tilly and Amalia have spent a lot of energy and time teaching their knowledge and skills about how “Maiden sails best” to us Mile Builders and leg crew.

It has been a pleasure to gain 8 new friends on the boat and work with the great Maiden Factor shore crew that I hope to get to know better during the Auckland stop over.

Thank you, Tracy, for this amazing opportunity, I am very excited to join Maiden again to Hawaii for the longest leg yet!