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Stronger winds, good spirits and choppy waves – a blog by Guest Sailor Agbeli Ameko

Agbeli Ameko is a co-founder of Ghana Ocean Racing which aims to become the first African team in The Ocean Race. Photographs ┬ęThe Maiden Factor/Amalia Infante

Boat Speed: 8 – 10knots
Time 19.56
UTC 11.56
Lat  15.59.642N
Long 61.44.602W
Compass Course  162
Boat Speed  5.4
Location: Guadeloupe
Day 3 of RORC 600 on Maiden

Hello Everyone, this is Agbeli Ameko with @GhanaOceanRacing aboard Maiden, entering the 3rd night in the RORC Caribbean 600. We are just rounding Guadeloupe after a long leg where we saw some wet weather, choppy waves, and squalls. This made for a wet ride and some exciting driving by the crew. As we enter the 3rd night rounding Guadeloupe, all has cleared up and the next watch is preparing for the evening: we are about to eat dinner. 

We did experience some stronger near 20kts winds today and powered down 1 reef off the main sail. Although we are more then half way through the 600 mile race we have plenty of ocean racing and sail changes to go. The crew is in good spirits and getting settled into the 4 hours watch system in which half the crew sleeps and the other half is up on deck.

Continue to follow our progress and position on @TheMaidenFactor facebook page, the RORC 600 race tracker and @GhanaOceanRacing facebook page.