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Sweeping across the Bay of Biscay


Nikki Henderson – Skippers Log

Update 26/11/2018 1700UT approximately 50NM due west of La Coruna on NW tip of Spain.

Since leaving Plymouth, we have had a great few days at sea. First 30 hours we motored, through rain – saw a few whole rainbows – looked for the gold but sadly none to be found.  Lovely sigh of relief and relaxation to lose sight of land.  7 girls in their element.  The green monster behaved himself and everyone got their sea legs quickly.  Rachel cooked up a storm on the first night with shepherds pie – pre-cooked by Belle in Plymouth.  No real drama first night.  Girls getting to know each other on watch.  Lots of conversation – we heard about Sara’s strange dreams! Amelia learned each rank in the army from Rachel- everyone chatting so much they keep forgetting to wake each other up.

Yesterday more motoring.  Sara led a workout – Amelia was quite blown away from some of her moves. Juliia got busy with her sextant (not meant to sound as dodgy as that!) and Amelia joined in with Sessle … her beloved named sextant.  Yes it may be the 21st century but we are still carrying two sextants on-board!  All have to take a breath and keep reminding ourselves “no we are not racing” and that weight isn’t an issue.

Last night we hoisted the jib top and began some glorious sailing.  Capped about 12 hours of around 10 knots close reaching in the right direction – wow did it feel good to sail, and Maiden loves reaching it seems.  Started to get headed around lunchtime, and now are motor sailing to try and make good mileage as far south as we can before the front blows in.  Salmon and sweet potato for dinner.  Belle is the best victualler.

Technically touch wood all seems well.  Most excitingly, once we started sailing there was lots of water over the deck …. but as far as we could see. … none inside!!!!! No wet beds for us this time.