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Taking the Lead – by Ami

By Ami Hopkins, who wrote this blog whilst at sea

Since a huge reshuffle within the crew, I have been appointed boat captain on shore and watch leader when sailing.

Previously the term taking the lead in my mind has meant taking the dog for a walk but that is simply not the case on Maiden. Being a watch leader means you have to take the lead through manoeuvres and decisions on your watch. This is extremely challenging for me as I am far from a natural leader. Luckily, I have an extremely encouraging team around me who are trying to help, without them I don’t think this would be possible. As the leg has gone on, I am feeling less frustration in their responses and more positivity, hopefully that’s a good thing.

Now, Boat captain, that’s more my thing. This role entails looking after the boat and the crew. Our job lists when we get ashore are quite vast and most of them need completing before we go offshore again. Maintenance onboard Maiden has always been tricky to fit in around the events and logistics but with this amazing team anything seems to be possible. From grease monkey to watch leader this role just keeps on giving.