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The New Zealand Sailing Trust & Maiden

NZ Sailing Trust is a Not for Profit Charitable Trust in New Zealand providing adventurous youth development sailing journeys for youth between the ages of 13 and 22 from high schools and like-minded community groups throughout New Zealand. When Maiden arrived in Auckland as part of her World Tour, NZST escorted Maiden in along with local schoolchildren, as well as taking part in the departure ceremony at the end of the stopover. Join us as we take a look back at the fantastic memories, and find out what’s in store for the Trust’s future.

Live Sail Die’s Coverage of Maiden’s Auckland Arrival

We at the NZST are thankful for the relationship we have with Maiden and the heartwarming experiences we were able to provide young women in New Zealand during their time in New Zealand.  It was very fitting and quite significant to be able to both welcome Maiden in the very airy fog that morning and then to give her an appropriate send-off as she departed Auckland on her way to Hawaii, being escorted by Lion New Zealand and Steinlager 2. It was an extra special leg for us, as NZST’s First Mate Jo Ivory joined the Maiden crew – read about her experiences in her blog post here: https://blog.themaidenfactor.org/2019/06/18/blog-post-from-maiden-by-milebuilder-jo/

Read TMF’s blog from the arrival in Auckland here: https://blog.themaidenfactor.org/2019/05/04/maiden-arrives-into-the-viaduct-harbour/
Photographs ©The Maiden Factor/Kaia Bint Savage/Amalia Infante

As it has been a challenging year for Maiden, it has been an equally challenging year for The NZ Sailing Trust and we have managed to stay ‘afloat’.  NZST started the calendar year strong and with lots of youth programmes and other community groups lined up for the year. Nothing could have prepared us for COVID-19 and it was a huge burden to overcome and to stay afloat.  Fortunately, we have a lean but dedicated team that were prepared to see it through and we feel we can pat ourselves on the back to work through and keep our programme alive for our NZ youth.  Our hearts are full knowing that we are still operating, supporting our crew and knowing that we are delivering a transformational experience to students.

Our overall year has been good despite the obstacles thrown our way.  Over the 8 months of operation between October 2019 and September 2020, we managed 153 sailing days and the target was 257.  We carried 621 youth and a further 740 people across all our charters and products.  We are very happy with this result and look forward to 2021 to take more youth out sailing.

Young Sailors and Schoolchildren come onboard with NZST.
Photographs ©New Zealand Sailing Trust

2020 was a year for growth for the organisation and we have developed new partnerships with Blue Light Ventures charity to offer their students adventurous and leadership programmes and have four more trips scheduled for them in 2021.  We also developed an outstanding five day, two boat charter for Oceans of Hope Challenge NZ. This journey attracted participants worldwide (UK, Australia and US to name a few) and every participant on this journey have Multiple Sclerosis. Each participant worked together to support each other on their personal goals, not only a physical journey but a hugely motivating and emotional journey.  

The Trust extended our reach nationally within New Zealand, targeting more students outside of Auckland our main centre with new schools and new programmes.  Another of our highlights was taking a student special needs unit, this was extremely humbling for crew and many of these students are challenged, they come from a low socio-economic area and had never left their own city of Whangarei, let along stepped onboard a yacht.  These are just a few of the wonderful projects and participants we have the privilege of taking sailing.  

We wish well for Maiden to get back on the water and we look forward to the day we can be in the same piece of water again.

Ngā Mihi  (many thanks),
The New Zealand Sailing Trust

The NZ Sailing Trust was established with a vision of creating opportunities for New Zealanders to share a unique maritime experience on Sir Peter Blake’s iconic Whitbread Round the World Yachts, Lion New Zealand and Steinlager 2. 

The NZ Sailing Trust’s mission and goals are to:

Our programmes provide youth with the opportunity to be challenged by pushing their boundaries and demanding the best of their capabilities, be it physically, mentally and emotionally.  They learn teamwork, compassion, resilience and become environmentally conscious. They come away with transformational life skills.  Their eyes opened to a world they may not have experienced before.

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