The Maiden Factor Blog

Maiden is a Global Ambassador for the Empowerment of Girls through Education

The restoration begins

Maiden has now been home for 5 weeks and our Project Manager, Howard Gibbons, along with the guys at HYS have not wasted any time.  She really is in a sad state and the first job was to remove all the ruined equipment from the deck

and from down below

before stripping all the foam from the interior of the hull (not a pleasant task!)

Once everything had been removed, the next job was to build scaffolding around her

before erecting a tent over it.

The tent is to protect everyone in the yard whilst Maiden is Shot Blasted to remove all the old paint and filler from her hull and from the interior of the boat.

When this is finished she will be quickly coated with a protective layer to prevent the aluminium from oxidising.  Once that is done we will be able to see the damage to the hull.

Naval Architect Tony Castro has been busy as well, and has organised a laser scan to be taken so that we can view a 3D model of Maiden which will help with putting her back together again.

Hopefully, Maiden will be going into the shed on 1st July to begin the next phase of the restoration.

Thank you so much to everyone who has offered help and equipment – we are completely overwhelmed with the support and kindness Maiden has been shown.