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There’s never a quiet moment on board Maiden!

The Maiden crew had a batten box fail in the last week of the sail. Fortunately, they had a spare on board, so join Erica and the crew as they install the new one!

You can see here the naked batten end. This means the crew cannot tension and shape the main sail, risking the batten coming forward out of the sail under load, which means they cannot take the first reef!


  1. Screw the new batten box onto stud where the old one was.

2. Via harness go up the leech and loosen the batten a whole bunch!

3. Go forward to remove the remaining hardware from the sail

4. Lower main a bit to get the impeding car onto the split track, so the relevant car can slide back into the correct order on the track.

5. Re-hoist main

6. Mount the new batten box. (Way harder than one sentence makes it sound! Trying not to drop the important bits while holding on and lining up threads! Amazing team work on deck to make it happen 💪🏼)

7. Go back out to leech end of batten to re-tension as much as is feasible

8. Slide forward to have a bit of fun and dismount!