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There’s no anchoring in the middle of the ocean…

Blog: AH – day break 19/12

When sailing for long distances over night the crew are split into watches. This is so we can keep sailing 24 hours a day and still get to sleep when we are off watch. There’s no anchoring in the middle of the ocean. This does mean that we are awake for times at night and first thing in the morning when on land you would be fast asleep.

I personally feel extremely privileged to be sailing under a blanket of stars or the moon at night. A full sky of clouds at night on the other hand can be extremely daunting. Yes it can be hard forcing yourself out of that comfy nest of a bunk but it’s worth it. On this leg I am lucky enough to be on the sunrise watch. This is the one watch where you come on deck with your life jacket, head torch, woolie hat, sun hat and sunglasses because you will end up using all of those items in the next four hours. The sun rises on this leg have been spectacular. Now we are going more south the moon is rising later and later so we are now seeing a lot of sun rises with the moon.

This is Fix It Clam signing off on the head torch sunglasses watch 😎