Maiden Videos

The below videos are a collection of Maiden's journey from vision to restoration and her World Tour. Please just click on any image to open up the video player. You may also watch at full screen [see the icon bottom right].


The Maiden Factor

Whitbread to World Tour

Meeting young people on Maiden's World Tour

World Smile Day! With the Maiden crew

Maiden's New DP World Tour

Meet Ami!

Meet Alesea!

Meet Heather!

Meet Junella!

Thoughts and Feelings before setting sail

Catch up with Marie-Claude - 1989-2022

Sailing with a new crew

Where is Maiden headed to next?

Getting ready to depart Dubai!

Maiden in Dubai

#BreakTheBias - Marie Claude

#BreakTheBias - Heather

#BreakTheBias - Ami

#BreakTheBias - Alesea

#BreakTheBias - Junella

#BreakTheBias - Erica

#BreakTheBias - Louise

Update from Sharon - not too long to go!

Tracy's pre-Miami interview

Miami to Charleston

Arriving into Annapolis

Liz Wardley - Live Update from the Hudson River

Maiden in NYC

The Maiden Factor and Rozalia Project

We Believe - Saint John

Maiden has arrived in Horta!

The Azores - Katie Reeves

Maiden tour from Lycée Bille Students

World Tour Legs

Onboard Maiden on the way to Antigua

Maiden sails to San Diego

The best 'Maiden Moments' - Vancouver to Seattle

Maiden's Milebuilders - Auckland to Honolulu sail experience

Beneath the water.... (sailing from Auckland to Honolulu)

Wendy and Sharon update us as Maiden sails out of Auckland

Maiden departs on her World Tour, from Auckland to Honolulu!

Maiden gets close to Fremantle!

Journeying through the Suez Canal

Suez Canal

Staying healthy whilst sailing!

Leaving Palma - Update from Belle

Maiden's World Tour Departure

World Tour Stopover

Maiden Q&A - Live off the Antigua Coast

Maiden's Stopover in Los Angeles

Maiden in San Francisco - A Stopover Vlog

Early morning canoeing in SF with Jo Gooding and Angela Heath

Maiden's Stopover in Seattle

Provisioning in Seattle

Maiden's Stopover in Vancouver

Maiden arrives into Auckland, New Zealand

Sharon Ferris-Choat joins as Skipper in Sydney

Maiden's Stopover in Sydney

Maiden departs Fremantle

Wendy Tuck takes over as Skipper of Maiden in Sri Lanka

Maiden departs from Malta

School and Youth Engagement

International Day of the Girl

Giant TMF Logo

Muktangan joins in with the Message of Hope

Why should all girls be educated? By the teachers of Muktangan 1

Why do girls need to be educated? By the students of Muktangan

Muktangan’s teachers. From insecure to intrepid!

Join in with a class with The Maiden Factor at Muktagan!

Handprints on the Maiden sail at St Hildas

Good Luck to Kate Palfrey from her students

Young sailors at Seattle Yacht Club

Visiting St Hilda's in Fremantle


#MaidenInspires Hallie

#MaidenInspires GCA and Scaramouche

#MaidenInspires Captain Maggie Hallahan

#MaidenInspires Gemma Gill

#MaidenInspires Flo Tovey

#MaidenInspires Becky Blaxill

#MaidenInspires Wendy Walsh and Brian Littlewood

#MaidenInspires in Malta

#MaidenInspires Lungi Mchunu

#MaidenInspires Lola

#MaidenInspires The Woodfield Family

#MaidenInspires Karen Keen Young

#MaidenInspires Miriam Dalli MEP



Pass it on - Crowdfunding Video

Bertie + Friends Fundraiser



22nd September - Maiden at Southampton Boat Show

August 2018 - Refit Video

July 11th 2018 - Refit Video

July 2018 - Refit Video

End of May 2018 - Refit

May 2018 Refit Update

February 2018 Refit Update

Early December 2017 Refit Update

Maiden's Refit Update - October 2017

Maiden Refit Update Sept '17 - What a difference a week makes!

Maiden Refit Update - Aluminium Repairs

Maiden Refit Update - May to July 2017

Maiden Refit Update - Shot-blasting complete!

Tracy Vlogs - Part Three - July 2017

Tracy Vlogs - Part Two - July 2017

Tracy Vlogs - Part One - July 2017


LIVE Q&A With the Maiden Crew

Tracy Edwards' Log Book from Maiden 89/90 - Leg 4, February 1990

Tracy Edwards' Log Book from Maiden 89/90 - Leg 4, Feb 22nd

Tracy Edwards' Log Book from Maiden 89/90 - Christmas Eve

Tracy Edwards' Log Book from Maiden 89/90 - Christmas Day


Maiden named 'Best Documentary' by National Board of Review

#MaidenReunion - St Katharine Dock's AM

Michael and Hilary Whitehall discuss 'Maiden

'Maiden' premieres in London, Dublin and Edinburgh

Karmen & Bianca - Wembley to Soweto... to BAFTA!

#MaidenReunion - Private Screening at Bafta

Looking forward to the new Maiden film - Maiden's crew

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