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What a change 24 hours can bring! By Erica Lush

#dpworldmaidentour update from Erica!

17 August 2022

41°0.678’N 72°16.942’W

Our intended departure was last night at 9 pm, but if we left on schedule we would have sailed right into a low pressure system churning up the waters near Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

Our routings were calling for sustained 30 kts, and after speaking with Commander’s weather routing it became clear we could expect gusts of 50 and squalls, including heavy rain and lightning.

Those conditions are tricky offshore, but here they pose an even greater challenge because the passage through Vineyard Sound to Nantucket is narrow, and shoals (shallow sand) on either side can move position in winter storms, making their exact position unreliable.

When we sail offshore we can bear away if we are overpowered by a sudden squall, but here we would be posed with a lee shore which robs us of that option. I prefer to have multiple safety plans available in turbulent weather systems!

We decided to delay our departure until this afternoon. This allows for lower winds upon our arrival to Nantucket as well as daylight hours. I am touching wood while I think about the nice downwind sailing to come!