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Maiden is a Global Ambassador for the Empowerment of Girls through Education

Young Sailors take Maiden’s helm in Sint Maarten

It was an exciting week for the crew in Sint Maarten, getting to meet the local school children and young sailors! The crew visited four schools on the island and really enjoyed the chance to spend time and chat with the students after the talks.

The crew have been sharing Maiden’s message of equality, empowerment, and education and adding handprints to the Hands Around The World sail.

To celebrate her return to the starting line, Liz Wardley and the Maiden crew were joined onboard by young sailors from Sint Maarten this Sunday.

The crew had a great time taking part in the Keelboat Series, with Kidz At Sea and The Sint Maarten Yacht Club sailing school. Some of the young people had only been sailing for a few months, so it was fantastic to see them working so hard and developing their skills

We let the kids do everything, from steering to trimming and grinding. They soaked up all our coaching like sponges. I was coaching the trimmers and grinders and it was so darn cool to see them progress through the day!

-Erica Lush

After a great Open Day, the crew also got to share Maiden’s mission and iconic history at a talk at The Sint Maarten Yacht Club.

And off again! ©Liz Wardley

The crew were sad to say goodbye to Sint Maarten, and set back off on an upwind sail back to Antigua. They’ll be there over Christmas and into the New Year.