The Maiden Factor Foundation

The Maiden Factor Foundation

The iconic yacht, Maiden, carried the first all-female crew to ever sail around the world when Tracy Edwards MBE skippered her in the 1989/90 Whitbread Round the World Race. Maiden won two of toughest legs and placed second overall; the best result for a British Yacht since 1977 and unbeaten to this day. Maiden was sold after the race. The yacht was discovered in disrepair in 2014 in the Indian Ocean and restored and began the world tour in 2018. Specifically, we engage with and support communities and groups who wish to enable girls into education and to help them remain in education until 18 years old. We do this through our Community Engagement and Awareness Program and our Milebuilders Program.

The Maiden Factor Foundation works for the continued preservation of the yacht, Maiden, and to facilitate her ongoing three-year world tour with the mission of ‘inspiring and empowering women and girls to reach their potential through education and bringing awareness of gender inequality, specifically for disenfranchised women and girls globally with no access to education, to give them the fighting chance they deserve’.

The Maiden Factor Foundation activities are held in ports of call around the world with the iconic yacht, Maiden, as she and her all-female crew continue to sail on their 90,000 mile world tour stopping at over 40 places in over 20 countries.

Participants in The Maiden Factor Foundation Inc activities are:

  • > Women of all ages
  • > Girls, aged five to eighteen
  • > Teachers and schools
  • > The Maiden Factor Foundation board members
  • > The Maiden Factor Foundation volunteers
  • > The Maiden crew members and Shore Team

Programme Title:  Community Engagement and Awareness

The Maiden Factor Foundation Community Engagement and Awareness Programme engages with and supports communities and groups who wish to enable girls into education and to help them remain in education until 18 years old. The program participants are girls, aged five to eighteen, teachers, and schools who are engaged at each of the stops that Maiden makes during her voyage. 

Maiden visits each place for various lengths of time and days are utilised to engage in activities related to our Community Engagement and Awareness Program which can include:

Open Day for local schools during which hundreds of children visit the boat to learn about sailing around the world. The children are also inspired by the all-female crew who sail on the boat.

School Visits are conducted at a number of local schools and the crew and team do a presentation that is designed to encourage and inspire the girls and teach about sailing.

Messages of Hope - A selection of schools at each stop are selected to write Messages of Hope. These are then taken on board Maiden to the next stop/country and also added to our website.

Hands on the Spinnaker - Children are invited to place their handprints on the spinnaker sail which is seen all over the world.

Screenings - We hold screenings of our BAFTA nominated film Maiden ( depicting Maiden’s historic race 30 years ago) at the places where Maiden visits and we have a Q&A afterwards for the children.

Sailing - We take up to seven young people out sailing at stops and we also take apprentices on Maiden on different legs of the journey when they are mentored by top women sailors

Schools Online Resources - Resources for teachers and schools are currently being developed and will launch when Maiden is in NY in May 2020.

Programme Title: Milebuilders

The Milebuilders Program is open to women aged 18+. This program provides women the opportunity to apprentice on Maiden during one or more legs of Maiden’s journey. Specifically, the program provides learning to sail lessons and sailing experience, mentorship, and guidance on the Yachtmaster guidelines during the time the woman is onboard Maiden. Maiden can take up to four women at a time as Milebuilders and each woman sails one or more legs of Maiden’s journey.

US: 501 (c) (3) EIN 84-2562795
UK: Charity number 1160746


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