The Maiden Factor Foundation

130 million girls worldwide are currently denied an education

Girls have big dreams for their lives, no matter where they live. These dreams start and — sadly for millions — end with education. The poorest girls in the poorest countries get just three years of schooling

Over the past 15 years the international community has worked to get them six, then nine.

But this is still not enough. It is not enough to meet the challenge of empowering women and girls. It is not enough to realise the full ambition of the new sustainable development agenda. And it is not enough for the millions of girls demanding more for their lives.

Achieving universal access to 12 years of fee-free, quality primary and secondary education for girls is an investment in the overall development and growth for countries. The world cannot hope to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) without unlocking the potential of millions of girls who have been locked out of education.

Girls need leaders to make and keep bold commitments to provide universal primary and secondary education. The world needs girls to solve our most pressing problems and provide leadership in their home communities and countries.

What happens when you educate a girl?

When you educate a girl, ‘eradication of world poverty becomes possible’ and you;

  • Educate her family and community, improving the socio-economic status of her and her country
  • Reduce infant mortality rates
  • Reduce child marriage by 64%
  • Reduce early births by 59%
  • Reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS and other global viruses
  • Increase women’s enormous potential to contribute to the bio-diversity conversation, development of sustainable industry and farming and climate activism

The Maiden Factor Foundation

The Maiden Factor Foundation is the charitable arm of The Maiden Factor. The yacht Maiden and the world tour are funded with commercial sponsorship from DP World, Inmarsat, Morgan Lewis and our other partners. This means that every penny raised by Maiden, during the tour, goes direct to The Maiden Factor Foundation which in turn benefits charities and girls educational programmes all over the world, chosen by the Maiden team. As well as fundraising on the tour, Maiden ‘inspires and empowers women and girls to reach their potential through education and brings awareness of gender inequality, specifically disenfranchised women and girls globally with no access to education, to give them the fighting chance they deserve’.

The Maiden Factor Foundation engages with, fundraises for and supports communities and groups who wish to enable girls into education and to help them remain in education until 18 years old.

Maiden visits each destination on the world tour for various lengths of time and activities include;

Open Day for local schools during which thousands of children visit the boat to learn about sailing around the world. The children are also inspired by the all-female crew who sail on the boat.

School Visits are conducted at a number of local schools and the crew and team do a presentation that is designed to encourage and inspire the girls and teach about sailing.

Outreach days are spent engaging with disadvantaged communities and working with local organisations.

Messages of Hope - A selection of schools at each stop are selected to write Messages of Hope. These are then taken on board Maiden to the next stop/country and also added to our website.

Hands on the Spinnaker - Children are invited to place their handprints on the spinnaker sail which is seen all over the world.

Screenings - We hold screenings of our BAFTA nominated film Maiden (maiden.film depicting Maiden’s historic race 30 years ago) with Q&A afterwards for the children.

Sailing - We take thousands of people out sailing at stops, with a focus on girls, where they see first hand, examples of the opportunities that engaging with STEM subjects can offer

Online Resources - Resources focusing on the collaboration of communities and encouraging girls into STEM are currently being developed and will launch when Maiden resumes her world tour.


The Milebuilders Program is open to women aged 18+. This program provides women the opportunity to apprentice on Maiden during one or more legs of Maiden’s journey. Specifically, the program provides learning to sail lessons and sailing experience, mentorship, and guidance on the Yachtmaster guidelines during the time the woman is onboard Maiden. Maiden can take up to four women at a time as Milebuilders and each woman sails one or more legs of Maiden’s journey.

US: 501 (c) (3) EIN 84-2562795
UK: Charity number 1160746